capturations of a parijat

seeing it through my lens…

Yosemite by Pictures

Clay Pot

I dont know what it is, but I absolutely love clay pots. It’s the shape, the color, everything. This one is a broken, old clay pot, stuck in murky water in India. But I just loved the way it looked. 🙂  Advertisements

Pooja’s Wedding

Lands End


A beautiful hike at Lands End. Every Friday, I have decided that I will hike Land’s End. It’s a moment of tranquility, where life stands still and the city disappears, except for the sneak peaks of the Golden Gate bride, the only reminder that the city does exist. Each time I have gone, I have gone with someone new, a chance to catch up and talk and to get out. It’s the perfect distance away and it’s absolutely breath taking. I miss the waves, but I get my fill here. 🙂


When I was living in India, my parents came to India (mainly to get me to move back to the USA) and we took a trip to South India, where we visited different spots, one of them was Tirupati. This was on the way up, and the sunset was absolutely beautiful.



It’s raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring….

There is something about the rain that transports me to another mind set. Where I feel calm and at ease. It’s bizarre, because the whole city goes a muck and everyone drives crazy, people are more cranky, but for some reason I abso-freakin-lutely love it. The drops of water, the splashes and ripples, the drips down my window, I feel like I’m in some fairytale and the world seems happy. It’s sucking in the moisture, thirsty for more. So atmosphere, it’s okay, Let it rain!


Allan’s collection of yo-yos!

I cannot for the life of me yo-yo, but Allan has this yo-yo, basically a yo-yo for dummies, where it automatically zips back up. I look like an expert, but honestly, Allan’s the expert. He’s got all these cool tricks, and in all honesty, he should be. Look at how many yo-yos he has! It’s insane, one, that is all the way on the bottom, towards the right, has a sign that says “deadly”…I should find out the story about that one!

This Tree is SO Tall

I had to add one more, this one is my favorite, I look so little standing next to the tree.

Muir Woods

How beautiful is this place? Achyutha and I went on a rainy day and it was the perfect weather to go in! So glad that he was gung ho about going because I was feeling lazy, however, not anymore! I am all about a hike every week!

Muir Woods

Spreading the Love! All of our sandwiches! 🙂